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Amy Wozny creator of Plant Test Kitchen
Amy Wozny in 2021
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Hi! I’m Amy.

I became vegan back in 2016. Becoming vegan is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. I’ve created Plant Test Kitchen to share my favorite recipes with you.

I love making food. I do it in a tiny urban kitchen inside of a 780 square foot apartment. Whether you are cooking from a small urban kitchen or a master chef gourmet kitchen, you can continue to amaze yourself and your loved ones with tasty food.

Food harnesses great power, it can bring people together, show love, nourish our bodies and express creativity. And hey, ya gotta eat. Plant Test Kitchen’s recipes are 100% vegan, but you don’t have to be vegan to enjoy them.

Here’s an article I wrote about being vegan: Vanity: The Fourth Door into the Vegan Room.

Vegan food is actually just food

Sometimes people have the mistaken idea that vegan food is different than other food. Thug Kitchen’s Party Grub cookbook provides a nice explanation, this is paraphrased, as they are delightfully more colorful with language:

Q: Isn’t vegan food bland?

A: No, Mother*beep*er, under-seasoned food is bland.

Think about tough or boiled meat, we’ve all had meals that were less than awesome whether they were vegan or not vegan. This is why I do my level best to provide you with loved recipes. I’ve had hits and misses. These are the hits. Every recipe on this site is loved in my home and has been made several times to ensure the best possible results.

On this site, I use affiliate links when I have bought or used a product that I find helpful or important to food preparation. I cook out of a lot of cookbooks and from other vegan blogs. I feel it’s important to let you know where a recipe came from if I’ve adapted it, so I link to cookbooks and blog posts too, when relevant.

Today is gonna be delicious

I’ve been a food connoisseur for most of my adult life. Having worked in many stellar restaurants, I’ve been inspired by phenomenal chefs. Also, I’ve attended a vegan cheese-making class and I’ve studied with Chef Mark Reinfeld at Vegan Fusion. Thank you for reading!

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