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Tikka Tofu Masala

Luscious Tofu Tikka Masala

This Luscious Tikka Tofu Masala is exceedingly delicious! This recipe requires some prep & planning ahead. I don’t find it difficult to make, especially after making it so many times. The dish this is vegan-ized from Chicken Tikka Masala which originated in either the UK or Scotland. I’ve adapted this […]

Vegan Mushroom Lettuce Cups

Vegan Mushroom Lettuce Cups

These Vegan Mushroom Lettuce Cups are delicious, easy, and adapted from an episode of Struggle Meals—so you know they are budget friendly. If you are a person with a fully stocked Struggle Meals packet drawer, I applaud your moxie, kid. It’s been a minute since I’ve walked into a Taco […]

Rosemary Citrus Beet Salad with Maple Pecans topped with Lux Vegan Macadamia Ricotta

Rosemary Citrus Beet Salad with Maple Pecans

Rosemary Citrus Beet Salad with Maple Pecans is filled with wow. This delicious salad is dressed with the juicy citrus-glaze from the beets. The Maple Pecans are made quickly, using the stovetop. If you want a vegan cheese ingredient you can add in Lux Vegan Macadamia Ricotta I’m into eating […]

Rich Salted Chocolate Vegan Tarts (made in jar lids)

Rich Salted Chocolate Vegan Tarts (made in jar lids)

These Rich Salted Chocolate Vegan Tarts are an intense, chocolate-celebrating experience. There has been a lot of recipe experimenting, sharing, and celebrating chocolate around here. Life is beautiful. Jar Lids Double as Tart Pans That’s right, MacGyver—jar lids. I’ve used both small and wide-mouthed jar lids because they are mechanically […]

Marinated Vegan kebobs plated with cilantro pesto and mixed greens

Vegan Marinated Meal-Prep Kebobs (oven or grill)

This Vegan Marinated Meal-Prep Kebobs (oven or grill) post is an updated post. The original & delicious Marinated Oven Roasted Kebabs post is still up, it’s one of my favorite early posts! Overtime this recipe has morphed into this current version. I prep these kebobs about once a week and […]

Favorite miso frozen tofu in a white bowl with avocado lime and crazy good no peanut sauce

Favorite Frozen Miso Tofu

Favorite Frozen Miso Tofu is a house favorite. I make it as a snack or enjoy it in salads and bowls. Freezing the tofu, then thawing and pressing it gives it an amazing spongey texture. This recipe is from the Vegan Noodle House Ramen with Tofu & Miso Rice Cake […]

Crazy good no-peanut sauce, vegan, being pored into a small white dish

Crazy Good No-Peanut Sauce

This Crazy Good No-peanut sauce has all the pizazz. Instead of peanut butter, we make this with almond butter. It’s easy, savory, and versatile. Great with Bowls Roasted veg Salads Spring Rolls with Oven-Baked Sriracha Tofu Plain raw veggies, as a dip  Herbs are a gorgeous compliment to this sauce. […]

Easy Seasoned Mushroom Mince

Easy Seasoned Mushroom Mince

This Easy Seasoned Mushroom Mince is a fabulous way to add a meaty component to your meals. This stuff is a low-ingredient, natural alternative to store-bought vegan meat substitutes. Enjoy Easy Seasoned Mushroom Mince with pasta & Vegan Garlic Alfredo Sauce over Vegan Sourdough Starter Biscuits & Amazing Creamy Vegan […]