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Plant Test Kitchen will have new recipes in January 2022

Thank you for cooking with me in 2021!

I have managed to get sick with a virus, test negative for COVID, and lose both my sense of taste and my sense of smell. According to an acquaintance, who had a similar experience, I can expect to regain my ability to taste and smell things in about a month.

This sudden change has been a bizarre and depressing experience. I can breathe with ease at this point, but I can’t smell anything and food has minimal flavor. Sometimes filtered drinking water tastes salty. Occasionally, when eating, I can pick up on a hint of vinegar or lime juice, but for the most part, flavors are extremely muted or non-existent.

I miss being able to taste food and develop recipes. I’m amazed at how much I took taste and smell for granted. 

I look forward to being able to resume weekly posts soon.

I wish you a happy & healthy new year!

In the meantime, have a look at these great recipes!

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Moon Juice

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  1. Get well soon, Amy! That sounds so incredibly frustrating. I know you’ll come back even stronger.

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